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Slideshow - Trailer of Logs
Fire Supplies - Logs, Sticks, Coal & Fire Lighters

How to Light & Sustain a Fire

  1. Prep

    Rake out the fire place/stove of any ash to ensure a free flow of air is achieved.
  2. Lighting the kindling

    Place a small block of a fire lighter in the fireplace and cover with kindling in a crossing pattern to allow as much oxygen flow as possible. You must also allow access to the fire lighter to ignite it.
  3. Waiting

    Once the fire lighter is lit, allow all the kindling to catch fire. This will take around a minute or two. Once the flames increase and the kindling begins to crackle, you may move onto the next step.
  4. Adding logs

    At this step you are now able to add logs to the fire. Gently place smaller sized logs on top of the kindling, being careful not to collapse your kindling. Like the kindling, place the small logs on top in a crossing pattern to allow airflow.
  5. Maintaining and reloading

    Once the logs are burning, try to resist the temptation to overly poke the fire. Allow it to burn down completely, to a glowing coal bed. Once this is reached, add another load of logs (enough to fill the fire place/stove) tightly fitting together to reduce airflow, this will slow the burn down. Fires burn best in cycles, allowing fires to burn right down and loading back up. It is not advised to just add the odd log on one at a time.
  6. When to add coal and other fuels

    It is best practice to add coal and other fuels such as peat, along with the load of logs. This will increase the heat out put, slow the burn down and leave a longer lasting coal bed.
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